Monday, January 7, 2013

First Day of School

Janury 7, 2013 the first day in school after the long Holiday :) well, it's good to be back even if our brain is still in the vacation, our instructors are good enough to give us not so hard task today. We enjoy talking to our classmates and greeting them a happy new year and asking everyone's new year's resolution. I also started learning JAVA to train and equip my self in the upcoming competition for programming, I'm not confident enough that I'll win in the said competition
but I'm going to give my best. Win or Lose it's going to be fine for me, since I'm not that good enough. :P
We also had a meeting into our client today because he said that he can't make the program report run. When he showed the program into us, we saw that he is using the Express Edition of Visual Basic 2010. This Version is for learning the basic of visual basic only, It has no reporting library (It's not a complete version). Only the paid version of visual studio has the reporting services, since our client needs the source code he can't make the program run into his machine because of the Express Edition so we helped him get the Professional Edition of Visual Edition using the DREAMSPARK since he's only a student. Dreamspark is for students, it's a program of microsoft and some universities to give students free softwares that they can use to expand their knowledge since the microsoft free products are limited, it's bad for a developer to have a limited function IDE.

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