Sunday, January 27, 2013

Global Game Jam @ CLSU : Success

Me and my group-mates have a thesis title "Evangelion" it was in the category of GameDevelopment and we have so much little knowledge or ZERO in the GameDevelopment field so we've decided to join this year's Global Game Jam in order to learn more from the experts in the industry and meet them. We joined in the CLSU Jam Site because it was the nearest site in our location. It's a 3 days jam, 1 day for meeting friends and tutorials and 2 days for Game Development challenge. We never intended to compete because it was just a JAM. The secret THEME was a "heartbeat" and my team decided to create a horror game like slender man, we brainstorm and list all the functions of our game. We started modeling and creating
prototypes at 7pm of January 26 and we finished our game in January 27 @ 2pm. We are so proud after we finished our game, it was our first time to develop a game like that and was our first time in Unity3D - the game engine that we use.

and here's the JAMMERS of CLSU Jamsite!

I'll be missing those 3 days :) those 3 days are EPIC! and KALMA LANG! :)
see you guys in the next Global Game Jam Event.

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