About Zomni

Hello I'm Alleo Pineda Indong or Papabear but I'm not using papabear anymore, because of some things that I have to consider and a lot of people are using this pseudonym and I want to be unique because my first name is unique! hehe so I'm currently using the pseudonym ZOMNI now.

What is ZOMNI means?

The word ZOMNI came from two words "ZOMBIE" and "OMNI" meaning "ALL" or "EVERYTHING". I'm currently pursuing the field of Computer Science and Programming is not my WORK, it's my HOBBY :)
and we all know that Programmers are no LIFE and they are almost working without proper sleep that's why they always have eye bugs, and their hair is messy, I can see them look like ZOMBIES! :) and since there's a motto saying "I'm a programmer and I can do EVERYTHING just give me time" I got the OMNI from there meaning that I can build everything and program everything (being ambitious). To be honest, I'm not really good in programming and I'm here to practice more and love it more and share things about it.

Why ZOMNI is blogging?

I'm blogging because I love to share things about my personal experiences, about technology, to comment something or to review something.. Anything that comes into my mind. It's not only going to train my communication skills but it will also benefit me a lot because I can use this blog as my portfolio if I ever applied for job. I'm also here to find new friends and share common interest with them and learn more things.

Can you be my FRIEND ZOMNI?

Why not? Everyone is my friend but it will take time to be my BestFriend :) BestFriends are something that I really trust and you have to work hard to be one. If you are a blogger you can comment out your blog's URL into one of my post and I'm going to put that into my FRIEND LINKS page, you have to put my URL into your blog also to give back the LOVE of Backlink.

Who is that girl behind you?

ohhh that girl? Well I can call her MY TREASURE :) yes, she's one of the people who inspires me and makes me happy in daily life. She's my Girl and I want to live with her someday, for now, we have to finish our studies first. I really love that Girl! :)

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